Underground Mining Museuem

The Creede Rock and Mineral Show is located in Creede, Colorado. Dealers and Vendors set up booths and displays in the Underground Mining Museum / Community Center

About Creede and the Area

    One of the world's largest volcanic calderas created unusually rich ore deposits that eventually gave birth to the Creede mining district.  Millions of dollars worth of silver, gold, lead and zinc were extracted before the last mine closed in 1985.  Creede, which survived fires, floods, and mining depressions, became known as the "little town that would not die."  The spectacular Pillars of Hercules, remnants of an ancient rhyolite wall, frame Creede's bustling Main Street district.  Victorian era buildings today serve as gift shops, restaurants, galleries, and B&Bs.
      Knowledgeable individuals will be on hand at the Rock and Mineral Show to help identify specimens and to discuss the geology of Mineral County, which holds a wide variety of unusual features like volcanic dikes and vents, the famous Wheeler Geologic Area (a classic ash deposit), and the Creede Fossil Formation.  Mineral County's geology has fueled a long legacy of interest and fascination from early day prospectors and surveyors to modern mining engineers and mineralogists.
      Proceeds from exhibitors' fees benefit the Creede Underground Community Center.  The tunnels and caverns of the Underground Mining Museum, Community Center, and Fire Station were blasted into the solid rock walls of Willow Creek Canyon by three miners and volunteer helpers.  The community project was completed in 1992. 
      Creede is a geologic haven for amateurs and professionals.  The 17-mile Bachelor Loop passes old town sites, mine buildings, and other relics of Mineral County's silver boom.  The Last Chance Mine offers on-site tours and on-site rockhounding opportunities.

Creede Visitor Center & Chamber of Commerce


Creede can be reached via Hwy 149, the Silver Thread Scenic Byway, from US 160 at South Fork, or US 50 west of Gunnison

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